20 July 2017


Hello  Everyone,

            An email  was sent a week ago, July 13 posted about some robberies in the area of RiverStone and Pinnacle Ridge. I was informed today that it did not happen and that the email strike a concern with the neighbours in the area. The Resident informed me that he went around to check and found no evidence of these robberies that was to occur. 
            So l take full responsibility ti have mislead you on thinking this had happen, My apologies that was not my intention to have some residents upset, l was distracted at the time when l read this and posted it. Please contact me if you have concerns, comments or issues that are posted or you would like something changed, l do not mind to correct these issues, you can reach me with our email sturgeonRCW@gmail.com 
   Thank you to the resident who contacted me to resolve this issue and l will be careful next time.

Thank you 
Bonny Swart-Attwood
President, SRCWA