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Sturgeon County Volunteer Appreciation

SRCW Treasurer Robert Chapman was the recipient of the Sturgeon County Appreciation award at the  Sturgeon Proud event. Chapman said he accepts the award on behalf of all members of the organization.
He was unable to attend the event due to a previous commitment. 

The 2019 SRCWA 2019 Poster Contest Awards Night

2019 Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association Poster Contest Awards Night

The 2019 SRCWA 2019 Poster Contest Awards Night was a huge success with over 230 in attendance. 25 out of the 27 winning students accepted their certificates and awards from Staff Sargent Chris Palfy of the Morinville RCMP Detachment.
Dignitaries in attendance included:
  • From the Morinville RCMP detachment – Staff Sargent Chris Palfy
  • From the Morinville RCMP Detachment and SRCWA Liaison – Constable Carter Boytinck
  • From the Morinville RCMP Detachment – Cadet Anthony Westinbrook
  • From Sturgeon County – Councilor Susan Evans
  • From Sturgeon County Protective Services – Superintendent Ken Lauinger
  • From Sturgeon County Fire Department – Chief Pat Mahoney
  • From Sturgeon Colony School – Teacher Tina Soetaert
  • From SRCWA – President Bonny Swart-Atwood

Many thanks to the volunteers whose hard work and dedication made the night memorable
  • Dolly Bolen – thank you for designing and creating the certificates, for producing and running the slide show, for not only donating the snacks but picking up and delivering the snacks and refreshments, for taking pictures of the students and offering to e-mail copies to the parents, for your guidance and your belief in me.
  • Margaret Romanowski and Bernie Buyse – thank you for helping to set-up and take down the hall, for handing out the award and making sure I announced the correct winners, thank you Margaret for helping to calm my nerves and preventing me from running screaming out the door.

  • Ken Okerman and Vivian Pezer – thank you for helping to set-up and take down the hall, for greeting families when they arrived and having them sign in, for manning the SRCWA table, thank you Ken for starting the evening by introducing the dignitaries.
  • Wilfred Romanowski and Lucie Roy - thank you for helping set-up and take down the hall, thank you Lucie for taking pictures for the newspaper, for your advice and words of encouragement.
  • Bonny Swart-Atwood – thank you for helping to set-up and take down the hall, for taking care of the snacks and refreshments and for letting me boss you around.
Thank you to our sponsors for their generosity supporting our 2019 SRCWA Poster Contest
  • Bolen’s Survival Inc for suppling the snacks
  • Tim Hortons in Morinville for suppling the refreshments
  • Councilor Susan Evans for funding the hall
  • SRCWA for providing the awards
Thank you to all the students for their fantastic artwork, we are so proud of their achievements. Thank you to the parents and teachers for their support.

Many people do not see the need for a Poster Contest to engage the youth in our community, but I have  many examples of how much the students and their families look forward to this night. I call parents informing of their child’s win and the date and time of our Awards Night. While I was telling one mother I could hear a big YAHOO in the background.
The mother was on her way home with her child and he over-heard our conversation. I phoned another mother and she informed me that her daughter worked very hard and spent many hours on her poster. As she sat waiting for her name to be called she turned to her mother and said that it would be nice to win the Sturgeon Award and the Provincial Award. The look on her face when we announced that she was a double first place winner was priceless. One father I talked to asked if Grandma and Grandpa could come to support their Grandson.

When you touch a child you touch the whole family. What better way to get our message thru than to start with a child.

Country Living Expo 

Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch members attend the Country Living Expo March 23.
The event was very well attended and enjoyed by all.

Legal Trade Fair

Sturgeon Rural Crime watch table was attended by our directors,  Colleen Prefontaine, President Bonny Swart-Attwood, Ken Okerman (VP) and and Vivian Pezer.  We were pleased to welcome Morinville RCMP members Anthony Westinbroek and Sgt Carter Boytinck.

SRCWA at the Candy Cane Check - December 13
Thanks to all the volunteers who came out and braved the cold and wind 

SRCWA at the Morinville Light up the Night Christmas Festival - Winter Parade - November 24

SRCWA at the  Legal Craft N' Trade  Fair - December 1st

Culinary Cookout and Sturgeon County 100th Celebration 

Gibbons Parade

Saturday, July 28 - Legal Parade

Legal Parade early July 28th.  Thanks to everyone who attended!

Saturday, June 23 - Morinville Parade

Morinville Parade setup time, with Sturgeon County Birthday Cake Float.  It was a beautiful day and a fun time had by all!

Saturday, June 23 - Morinville ShowNShine

Al Koerner Zone 13 Director with SRCWA shows his Awesome Fire Truck in the annual Show and Shine in Morinville after the parade. The day was perfect and the weather excellent!!!!!


Friday, June 22 - Gibbons Community BBQ 

There was a great turnout and the weather held off for the perfect day.  Pictured is Bonny (SRCWA President) and one of the Sponsors who helped out

Mosaic Tile painting. Calahoo hall June 16.

 Several SRCWA members attended this event and created beautiful art work, it was fun.

Memorial Flyin Breakfast June 17, 2018 

Powronski Farms, one of our long-time SCRW members took the picture from the air, how beautiful.

Donna MacPherson Retirement Celebration

Donna worked with Sturgeon Victims Services for 21 years as the Executive Director.  This event was held April 28 at the Morinville curling club.

Join us for our 2018 Poster Contest Awards Night 

Our 2018 Poster Contest Awards Night and 35 Anniversary of Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association will be held on Monday, May 14, 2018 at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre.  If you would like to attend please RSVP to, or call (780)-886-8739

April 18th pesentation of outstanding Volunteers

Congratulations to Francoise and Norm Meunier, they were presented the Award for Outstanding Volunteers with the SRCWA and other groups.  Francoise was also a Past President of the SRCWA. This was held at the Morinville Community Cultural Center April 18, 2018

April 17th presentation to Morinville Council

Brian and Bonny presented details on the SRCWA to Morinville Council at the Committee of the Whole.

April 10th meeting in Calahoo

- Calahoo Hall April 10th.

Sgt. C. Palfy from the Morinville RCMP detachment presented some stats, how we can deter criminals by simple actions such as keeping our homes and vehicles locked etc. Also present to speak were Ken Lauinger from Protective Services and Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw. There were over 60 audience members in attendance for the meeting, it was an excellent turnout.

Sturgeon RCWA AGM

- Morinville Renedezvous Center March 13th.

Sturgeon RCWA AGM with guest speakers Sgt. K. Ghumman from the Alberta Sheriffs Branch. Cpl C. Gulash and Dominick Rachkov of the Morinville RCMP. Gave a us a presentation of the duties, roles of their positions and what area's they cover, it was very informational and we had a full house. 

Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association AGM
- Lacombe on February 16 & 17.

Board members of SRCWA at APRCWA AGM in Lacombe

Family Day at Heritage Lake Park

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on February 19th in the bitter cold with the Family Day Snowman Festival at Heritage Lake Park.  

Poster Contest Awards Night 2017

The Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association annual poster contest night was held in April with all the winners being recognized.  Thank you to all the participating schools and contratulations to all the winners.

Harvest Days

- photo by Dolly Bolen

Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association (SRCWA) took part in the last parade of the summer season during Harvest Days on August 12 in Bon Accord.  SRCWA makes the parade rounds all summer participating in parades in Sturgeon County including Morinville, Gibbons, Legal, Bon Accord and also in St. Albert for the Rainmaker Rodeo parade.

FĂȘte au Village

- photo by Dolly Bolen

Members of Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association greeted the crowds of people and threw candy to the kids along the parade route during FĂȘte au Village in Legal on July 22.

Gibbons Pioneer Days

- photo by Dolly Bolen

Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association (SRCWA) participated in Gibbons Pioneer Days parade on July 15.  Members of SRCWA threw candy to the kids along the route on the hot sunny day.

Candy Cane Checkstop

- photo by Dolly Bolen
 Morinville RCMP Constable Scott McKee waved traffic though the Candy Cane Checkstop on December 15, 2016, on 100 Avenue.  Morinville Community Peace Officer Carolyn LeCouvie, Vice President Ken Okerman and member John Dowler from Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association (SRCWA) assisted with handing out bags of information from the Checkstop partners:Town of Morinville, Morinville RCMP, Morinville Fire Department, Morinville Enforcement Services, EMS, Roadrunners Towing, Morinville Sobeys, Sturgeon Victim Services, SRCWA, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) and proDrive Driving School – Morinville.

Preparing the information bags for distribution:

- photos by Lucie Willis

October 19, 2016
Rotary Club Presentation

SRCWA President, Francoise Meunier & SRCWA Vice-President, Ken Okerman