24 April 2020

Message to our Members

Due to the Covid-19 Virus, SRCWA meetings and events have been cancelled until further notice.

An increase in her work schedule has resulted in Bonny Attwood-Swart resignation as SRCWA President. Viviane Pezer has graciously volunteered to take over as interim President. Treasurer, Robert Chapman and Secretary, Carol Okerman have agreed to remain forming your Executive Board until such time as we can have an election.

Scott Campbell relinquished his position as Communication and Webmaster. He is assisting with the transition of our Website and E-mail.

SRCWA has sent their condolences to Commander Chris Palfy and all our RCMP members at the Morinville Detachment regarding the horrific incident that occurred in Eastern Canada. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Commander Chris Palfy was very appreciative of the public's concern for their local officers and sent his Thank You.

We encourage our members to keep vigilant and report any criminal or suspicious activity. If you see a crime in progress, Dial 911. If you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(Tips), online at www.P3Tips.com or by using the "P3Tips" app. 

The 2020 Poster Contest was a great success with over 196 entries. SRCWA would like to thank students, teachers and parents for participating. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Virus we were unable to hold our annual Poster Contest Awards Night. Certificates and awards were mailed out to the winners. Wynter Skaret from Camilla School in RQB was our big winner this year, taking First Place in SRCWA Poster Contest and First Place in APRCWA Poster Contest. Many thanks go out to all our winners and to those who entered our Contest. We look forward to receiving you Posters next year.

Winners of SRCWA 2020 Poster Contest:

Grade One:      SRCWA First Place          Austin Wurz            Morinville Colony School
                           SRCWA Second Place     Jeremy Wurz           Morinville Colony School
                           SRCWA Third Place        Eric Wurz                 Morinville Colony School

 Grade Two:    SRCWA First Place          Wynter Skaret         Camilla School, RQB
                          APRCWA First Place        Wynter Skaret        Camilla School, RQB
                          SRCWA Second Place      Liam Schenk           Namao School
                          SRCWA Third Place         Ally Okerman         Namao School 

Grade Three:  SRCWA First Place          Chantel Wurz           Morinville Colony School
                          SRCWA Second Place      Leneah Wurz           Morinville Colony School
                          SRCWA Third Place         Paisley Gilmer         Bon Accord Community School

Grade Four:   SRCWA First Place           Lorelei Clark            Bon Accord Community School
                         SRCWA Second Place       Blayke Babiuk         Bon Accord Community School
                         SRCWA Third Place          Hadassah Wurz      Morinville Colony School

Grade Five:    SRCWA First Place           Amelia MacMillan  Camilla School, RQB 
                         SRCWA Second Place       Jack Lutz                  Camilla School, RQB
                         SRCWA Third Place          Sawyer Measner      Sturgeon Heights School

Grade Six:      SRCWA First Place           Charlton Crawley    Camilla School, RQB
                         SRCWA Second Place       Kale Okerman          Namao School
                         SRCWA Third Place          Zachary Brown        Camilla School, RQB

Grade Seven: SRCWA First Place           Ava Blaker                 Gibbons School
                         SRCWA Second Place      Meredith Wurz         Morinville Colony School
                         SRCWA Third Place         Kayla Smith               Gibbons School

Grade Eight:  SRCWA First Place          Shelby Hammer        Gibbons School
                         SRCWA Second Place      Teagan Lee                 Gibbons School
                         SRCWA Third Place         Abigail Power            Gibbons School

Grade Nine:   SRCWA First Place          Arabelle Love             Gibbons School
                         SRCWA Second Place     Amy Susan Wurz       Morinville Colony School
                         SRCWA Third Place        Demaris Hofer           Morinville Colony School

Carol Okerman
Secretary / Poster Contest Director



22 April 2020

Hello All Members of SRCWA

Hello Members,

Wishing you all the best during these different times.

We are asking that you continue being the eyes and the ears for our RCMP.
Remember to make sure you report ANY suspicious activity.

We continue to look for people who would be interested in volunteering for different positions in our rural crime watch association.

Please contact us if you would be interested.

Viviane Pezer
President SRCWA