24 May 2016

SRCWA New Liaison Officer

May 24, 2016

Hi Everyone, 

As I was telling you in my May Feature we now have a new liaison officer, Cpl Clint Gulash.  We welcome Cpl Gulash and look forward to working with him. 

The following introductory note is from Cpl. Gulash.

Francoise Meunier


My name is Cpl Clint Gulash and I am the new Rural Crime Liaison from the Morinville Detachment.  I just transferred here from Didsbury in March.  I look forward to working with you all and just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for all the work that you do.  You all provide a valuable service to the community in sharing information and staying informed about what is occurring in your area.  Additionally, you are an extra set of eyes and ears that assist us (the police) in our day to day operations.  Being vigilant and calling in any suspicious activity only helps to create safer neighbourhoods and communities.  You are an invaluable resource that we rely upon.  Please keep up the great work and together we will work towards and maintain safe communities we can all be proud of.  

Clint Gulash, cpl.