17 September 2016

September SRCWA President Feature, Lifetime Achievement Award and Legal Parade

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone’s summer months were happy and healthy.   There were no meetings in July and August although our members were very busy attending parades in St. Albert, Morinville, Bon Accord, Gibbons and Legal.  All were well attended.  Cpl Robb helped us out by driving the RCMP truck pulling our float in the Gibbons parade.  We thank him for that.

As you remember, our communications director and webmaster have both retired and we continue to be in the process of transitioning to both new positions. We are in need of one or two volunteers – one volunteer can do both communications and the website or a volunteer in each position.  You will be provided with training.  These positions need to be filled rather quickly as it is two non-members who have been filling them since May. Please contact me if you or anyone you know is interested.  I may be reached at president@sturgeonruralcrimewatch.org or 780-939-4572. I really hope that with so many members in the county and towns that one or two people could volunteer to help us out.  All the updating has been done by our zone directors so the volunteers are essentially beginning with a clean slate. 

Our Zone director for Zone 9 (Highway 28 – to Highway 37 and from Secondary Highway 803 to RR 233) retired in May – if anyone is interested in filling the position or would like more information please contact me.

In July I asked Sgt Suleman if we could be added to the news media press release list and because we are not news media we are not allowed.  That being said, I think it is time to make some changes.

We fan out as many messages as we receive from the RCMP but we know there is much more criminal activity going on in the County and the Towns.  S/Sgt Suleman stated in his report to the County that theft and property crime is at a four year high.  I think it is time we put the onus on our members to help each other  -- I am asking that if you are aware of thefts, mailbox damage, property damage or anything else, that once the incident has been reported to the RCMP that you e-mail or call me and let me know. All we need is the address and a brief report of the incident. Once we have your permission, we will fan out the information. This way all of our members will receive the information within a reasonable length of time.

As I mentioned before, our zone directors have contacted all the members in their areas and updated their information.  We currently have 754 updated members.  I will remind everyone that SRCWA is not only for the rural area but it includes the towns, villages and hamlets within our boundaries.  We would like to see our memberships increase as the more “eyes and ears” we have in the communities the better.

September has been very busy with many events booked – Sept 7 some of our members attended Meet the Community in Gibbons, Sept 10 was the Picnic in the Park in Legal and Sept 15 was Meet the Community in Bon Accord. All events were excellent opportunities to re-acquaint ourselves with our current members and to meet prospective members.

 On September the 8th, Cpl Gulash, Cst Tearle and myself gave presentations to the Seniors Workshop in Redwater.  Cpl Gulash spoke on frauds and scams affecting mostly seniors and Cst Tearle spoke on Environmental Home Protection and I gave an overall description of SRCWA.   All of our presentations were well received and the RCMP were available to answer questions. The attendees were very receptive to our messages.

We received a donation from the County and our group as always is very appreciative of the support we receive from the Mayor and County Councillors, from riding on the floats, to donations, to attending our meetings.   

The Sturgeon County Volunteer Dinner was held on September 14th and John Danake was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.  John was an active member with SRCWA for many years and we Thank him for his many years of service.

We have 24” x 24” aluminum reflective signs that the County maintenance crew will install.  You may contact me with the location and a contact person and I will forward the information to Ken. 

As there have been a number of mailbox break-ins in the county and towns I would remind you to pick up your mail every day or if you are away to have the post office hold it for you.  There is so much information in your mailbox that the criminals could use to their advantage. Don’t make it easy for them.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me at president@sturgeonruralcrimewatch.org

Talk to you later

Francoise Meunier

President Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association

John Danake is the recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award presented by
the Sturgeon County.  The Volunteer Dinner was held on September 15th.  We
Thank John for his many years of service to SRCWA. 


The Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association (SRCWA) members participated in
Fete au Village in Legal, AB on July 23, 2016 with 13 members riding on the
float and handing out candy. 
Photo by Dolly Bolen, the Free Press
Morinville AB

SRCWA #2016-098

This message is made possible by the Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association in partnership with the Morinville RCMP.
If you have any information in respect to the above or any crime or criminal activity, please call the Morinville RCMP at 780-939-4550 or Toll Free at 780-459-7689.