26 May 2017

Pot Luck Dinner, Fred Scharmann Award JUNE 13

To all the Members, 

                  JUNE 13, 2017 we will have a short meeting and to Follow our Fred Scharmann Award. The meeting will start at 5:30pm at the Provincial Building in Morinville, this will be our last meeting for the summer as we gather back in September.

                 So lets us celebrate with a Pot Luck Dinner, bring your favourite Dish to share as we will have an awesome night, with food, along with conversations. So l hope to see some new faces as well. 
           So l will also keep you all informed on the latest Events, Namao Days, Morinville Parade which are on the same day this year June 17, plus the Fly'N Pancake Breakfast, l will send out the address to you all on this.

   I like to thank everyone for participating with the events so far, and supporting me as well as this is a learning curve and doing my best on conducting my responsibilities to update everyone on meetings, events, etc, but l do love a challenge. I do understand that some have other comments and you try to make it work to  volunteer at our events, meetings. But l would like to say l am Very Proud of my Group, with such strong, positive attitudes, again Thank you ALL.

See all of  you at the June 13 meeting, enjoy your weekend

Bonny Swart-Attwood
SRCWA, President