1 October 2017

B&E In the Sturgeon County

Report on B & E Sturgeon County, Ab

Owner reports to the Morinville RCMP that unknown culprits had attended his residence situated near Range road 240 - Twp Rd 570, Sturgeon County, AB and had stolen his 2006 Yamaha Raptor.  Raptor has mechanical issues.  No video surveillance available.  Statements obtained placed on file and ATV added to CPIC as stolen.  Complainant notified of the police action.

Received these posts from the Sturgeon Protective Services/Peace Officers on a couple of Break and Enter's, in the Sturgeon County Area. Please Keep your Eyes on what is different or strange vehicles you are not sure of, call your RCMP, Thank you

Property Rep reports to the Morinville RCMP Detachment that his residence was broke into situated near Township road 562 Highway 803, Morinville, AB.  RCMP Officer attended, obtained photos and statements.  Scene not suitable for ident.  Neighbourhood inquiries completed. No video surveillance at the scene. Appears at this time there is only some coins stolen. No photos of the stolen property.   No suspects or witnesses at this time. File number provided.