11 June 2018

New Post with Message

Good Morning,

            So received this email to let EVERYONE know that the crimes are still happening and for some reason, this area has been hit many times.  Bon Accord having Break-In of vehicles have continued again, l ask that you all please REPORT anything, l know it is frustrating and we are not getting any response of our calls when we report, I GET IT.
  So let's work together and get the word out, that someone does not fit in your community. I have your back and l am on your side to help, l am working on this. 


Sturgeon County had been hit again by several Break and Enter. This e-mail is to advise you that a property on Highway 651 / Range Road 240. This property had been hit already 8 times in the last years. Nothing appears to be missing this time but damages had been done to one of the buildings.
File Number: 2018698085
Thank you