2 December 2018

Protective Services - Cannabis Legalization information meeting at Namao

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From Protective Services:
Earlier this year we connected with residents to talk about Cannabis Legalization through two drop-in sessions and an online survey to gather feedback about consumption, production and distribution, and retail sales. Based on the feedback that was received, we would like to share the proposed approach to manage the legalization of Cannabis.

An information session is scheduled for December 4 at Namao Hall from 6 to 8 p.m.

Community Leaders and Residents will have the option to learn more about each area - consumption, production and distribution, and retail sales.
Staff from Protective Services, Community Services, Economic Development, and Current Planning and Development Services will be on-site to discuss the following:
  • Proposed LUB amendments related to the location and regulation of cannabis production and distribution facilities, as well as cannabis retail sales
  • Public Consumption, Enforcement; and
  • Related business opportunities

Public Consumption may be more of a concern for residents particularly as volunteers are preparing their outdoor skating rinks.
Snacks will be served.