28 May 2019

Events 2019

Hello Everyone,                                                                                       May 28, 2019

So, here we go Summer is around the corner and the Events are happening, we had our First Parade in St. Albert and it was a great turn out, we have seen SRCWA members in the crowd and kids, lots of kids, happy, waving, and wanting more candy, to cute!!

Our Next Event will be at the Sturgeon Agri-Plex we will be sponsoring our 4-H members again and come on out to support the 4-H and the presentation of the cattle they show, from 12-6 pm.

June 7   Sturgeon County Open House, from 2-7 pm and its on a Friday, how cool is that, yes we will be there to chat on any concerns or just connect.

June 8  Calahoo Parade at 11 am, Pancake Breakfast at the Fire hall at 930 am, com' on out and join the fun, we will be there with our Float and this is the 2nd year for Calahoo to bring back the Parade, everyone was excited for this, so lets support this community by helping out or showing up to cheer on this great event.

June 11   SRCWA meeting as we will have a Guest speaker join us to do a Presentation about his company called Intelli, Kamea Lafontaine is the Speaker, the meeting starts at 7 pm and we will be at the Cardiff Hall in Cardiff, we will put out a reminder a few days before the meeting to ensure that you are able to make it. So, com' on out and here what this system is about as you may have some questions to share, chat soon

June 21    CircleK Community BBQ is hosting again there 4th Annual Event, this will be in Gibbons from 1030-330 pm and l hope to see all come out and check it out and enjoy a Hot Dog as well. This is a great way to connect with our members, residents and community. Engage with the exhibitors and chat and have a great time as well. 
Plus Morinville Festival Weekend starts as well, we will be there with our Float, so wave when you see us !!!!!

June 22   Morinville Parade starts at 930 am, we will for the first time host with a BBQ at the Combat Challenge, com'out enjoy a Hamburger, pop and chips for 6.00 or a Hot dog Combo for 5.00, we look forward to your support and chat as well, this starts at 12 noon til 6 pm, see you there.

So, this is just a start of our events so far and we look forward to seeing our members, we are always looking for volunteers too to participate with us, I specially love the face to face connection and get to know our community and rural residents. So, l do hope that you come out to support us, as we always look forward to engage with you all and help one another as well.

See you all,
Bonny Swart-Attwood