19 September 2019

New App for Cell and Note from the President

New Crime Prevention App for cell phones to be able to track and report crimes

Use the link to the Lightcatch Web page to be able to download an app to your cell phone that tracks your location and makes it easy to report crimes.  It is used by Citizens on Patrol and is available to the public for free.


Boyle & Districts Crime Watch Association

This is from our friends NE area, they would like to share this information to everyone, and it is FREE to download. This our way to connect with the RCMP when travelling or in your community.

Everyone has there own App to their cell phone, to report on the crime happening in there community and in rural area as well. I would like to stress that not to forget to REPORT IT! Your report is filed and the more reports called in, as this will show the area needs to be look at and the RCMP will setup a bait/sting to catch them, but remember without reporting this they will continue to comment more crimes.

NOTE form the President,

I have some Questions here and would like to hear on what your answer be IF you think like a criminal, just for fun here.

1. Where would you break in?
2. What would make the crime more difficult to commit?
3. Are the doors solid, are the windows break resistant?
4. Would you be visible by the public, neighbour's, are there any surveillance cameras?
5. What are the risks on getting caught?
6. How would you escape or where would you hide?

Plus here are couple more questions to try, 2019 is going to fast and we have seen changes plus more to come. So give me your answers as l would like to bring this to our next meeting,

1. What does your community or rural area look like in 2030?
2. How will your vision become reality?

With these Questions l would like to use to apply with a presentation and bring forward to engage with our RCMP, K-Division, REACH Edmonton and other agencies to show them that we are suffering with the crime in our area. I feel that the Trust, Communication, the connection has been lost and we need to work together for everyone to REPORT IT, as l know no one is reporting due to the lack of communicating, engaging with our communities, rural and urban. 

Enjoy, and l look forward to hearing back on your answers and l will respond back. Lets continue engaging with each other as this makes our communities strong and shows the strength we have to chase out the criminals by working together.