28 October 2019

Morinville RCMP Wants You to Treat Yourself to Safety This Halloween

October 27, 2019

The Morinville RCMP is offering up some Halloween tricks to ensure the real treat this year is safety. There are some simple tips to remember before your little ghouls and goblins head out to collect their candy loot.
Trick or treaters should:
·         Wear bright costumes with reflective tape or glow sticks. You will be more visible to drivers.
·         Wear face paint instead of a mask. Masks can impair vision and hearing. They should be removed while walking from house to house and crossing streets.
·         Wear properly fitted costumes and footwear.
·         Costume weaponry should be easily identifiable as imitation.
·         Carry a flashlight.
·         Be accompanied by a trusted adult.
·         Travel in groups if mature enough to be unsupervised.
·         Carry a cellphone if unaccompanied by an adult.
·         Always walk on sidewalks.
·         Stay on one side of the street. Safely cross the street to the houses on the other side. Do not crisscross back-and-forth.
·         Stay in well-lit areas.
·         Plan a route and stick to it. Do not take shortcuts.
·         Never enter a stranger’s house or vehicle.
·         Never eat treats that have not been inspected by an adult.
·         Know the places along the route where it is safe to go for help.
Halloween safety is not limited to the little ones. There are steps adults can take to keep themselves, and their property, free from any hair-raising experiences.
Homeowners should:
·         Ensure your house is well lit.
·         Keep walkways obstacle free.
·         Avoid using candles in your pumpkins. Use lights or glow sticks instead.
·         Report suspicious activities to your local police.
·         Keep pets indoors away from trick or treaters.
“Halloween on a Thursday could mean more kids roaming the streets after dark and more late-night costume parties for adults,” said Cpl Sheldon ROBB of the Morinville RCMP. “It’s extremely important that drivers remain sober and drive cautiously to make sure everyone gets home safely.”
Drivers are reminded this Halloween to:
·         Drive sober.
·         Avoid driving in residential areas while trick or treaters are out.
·         Slow down and be extra cautious. Expect that children dart out from parked cars.
·         Watch carefully for people using crosswalks.
·         Do not wear costumes that interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle by restricting movement, impeding vision or prohibiting the use of safety restraints.