2 December 2015

SRCWA #2015100 - Home Security


This year in Alberta thieves will break into 13,000 homes, steal items from 33,000 vehicles, and burglarize 10,000 businesses.  Your home is your sanctuary.  The place where you keep your most valuable and important possessions – documents, family heirlooms, your new wide screen high definition TV etc.

Anyone who has experienced a home robbery knows what a terrible violation it is.  It shouldn’t happen to anyone.  The good news?  It does not have to occur.

Here are some things you can do to prevent thieves from breaking into your home.

Keep your doors secure:
  • Peepholes allow180 degree viewing
  • Inside locks are at least 1 meter from glass
  • Exterior doors are solid core
  • Exterior doors have 1 inch deadbolt
  • Exterior door hinges are non-removable
  • Doorjambs are securely fastened

A window can be more vulnerable than a door
  • Double hung windows are securely pinned
  • Metal windows and basement windows have auxillary locks
  • Curtains cover windows completely
  • Window air conditioners are secured from inside
  • Place a strip of wood in the sliding track

Don’t forget your garage
  • Garage door closes tightly
  • Overhead garage door is locked and windows are barred and covered
  • Remote garage door opener is customized for your garage only

While you are on vacation
  • Cancel the newspaper and stop mail delivery
  • Have a friend or service take care of your yard
  • Have someone check your home frequently – check your in insurance policy
  • Use timers on interior lights
  • Don’t leave a key hidden outside

Cpl Sheldon ROBB
Morinville RCMP

Dan Antoniuk
Communications Director
Zone 9 Director

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