12 January 2017

Mischief in Sturgeon County / President's Feature

During the night on January 3, 2017, Morinville RCMP received a complaint regarding several people and a fire in the middle of the road near of Rge Rd 250 and TWP Rd 542 in Sturgeon County.
At this stage of the investigation, Police have not identified any suspects.
Please contact the Morinville RCMP if you have any information about this incident.


January 12, 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to 2017!  We wish you all a very good year.

Our first reminder of the year is that the year round burn permits are now available at the Sturgeon County office or online.

Our second reminder is to install your county addresses – emergency services cannot help you if they cannot find you.  (See note below about county address signs.)

As previously mentioned, because we are not news media we are not able to be on the news media press release list.  We are however, able to share the RCMP news releases that morinvillenews receives.  You will have noticed in some of our recent fan outs, it indicates the information is courtesy of morinvillenews.  Thank you Stephen, this is working well and it means all of our members are aware of the current criminal activity in our county and towns.  The RCMP information we receive is fanned out as well.

We are still looking for members to become Directors with SRCWA and represent Zone 5 - Riviere Qui Barre, Zone 6 - Alcomdale/Mearns and Zone 9 - in the area of Hewitt Estates.  Being a Director is not as overwhelming as it may sound.  It is however, a commitment to attend once per month meetings - ten months of the year with only eight actual meetings.  We have all taken on these volunteer positions with the safety and wellbeing of the residents from our areas in mind. There is strength and safety in numbers and the more directors and members we have on board the safer our communities will be. Please contact me at sturgeonrcwa@gmail.com for more information.

A question was brought forward at our meeting on Tuesday night – the answer was provided by Susan Evans, Councillor, Division 2;

Question: Regarding Municipal Address Signs – does/did the County pay for signage – it was thought that the County did so in the past.

Answer: The County used to “sell” the signs about six or so years ago but at no time did the County pay for them.  While the signs are not mandatory they are very helpful for identification purposes such as dust control and emergency services. If you would like more information please contact Susan or the Councillor for your division. 

We have been offered the use of the meeting room at the Protective Services Bldg at 54509 RR 252 in Sturgeon County.  Fire Chief Pat Mahoney confirmed that our Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 meeting can be held there. The change will be only for the May meeting. This is a great opportunity for any of the residents of the County to tour the building and see what services are provided. There will be a staff member there to show us around and answer questions.  Everyone from the County is welcome.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me at sturgeonrcwa@gmail.com,

Francoise Meunier


Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association


SRCWA #2017-004

This message is made possible by the Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association in partnership with the Morinville RCMP.

If you have any information in respect to any crime or criminal activity, please call the Morinville RCMP at 
780-939-4550 or Toll Free at 780-459-7689.