22 July 2017

Have been corrected from past post on July 13, 2017

ean deanzanne@shaw.ca

Jul 21 (1 day ago)
to me
To : Bonny Swart-Attwood
President, SRCWA

Please remove the claim that this is a Fraud. There is no Fraudulent intent in the email, nor is it fake news, it was forwarded to you for information so you could verify it with your local RCMP. On top of that, the information you got from the supposed resident that checked around is COMPLETELY wrong. The Edmonton Police have now arrested 3 individuals for one of these Crimes. Both crimes did happen. I even know the name of one of the victims. If you can’t get confirmation from your RCMP sources then I am fine with you removing the email I originally forwarded to you, I didn’t expect you to post if without verifying it with your Police contacts in the first place, but if you leave it up and tagged as a fraud there will be further repercussions.

To Everyone,
          I have received this email to indicate the July 13 armed robbery that happen in the River Stone, Pinnacle Ridge area is not a FRAUD it actually happened, so l will take it back with the RCMP and have them look at the post from July 13 incident and have it clarified. Thank you Dean for updated this issue

Bonny Swart-Attwood