13 July 2017

Please be Aware

Dean deanzanne@shaw.>

10:47 AM (9 hours ago)
to menewsedmontonFerd
I just got this email from a neighbor. I wanted to find out if the information is true as there is nothing on the news, your website or the police reports about this. If there are armed invaders breaking into houses while people are there in the middle of the day it would be nice to know about it. Thanks for any info or exposure you can provide.

Hi everyone!  I wanted to inform you all of some very scary and concerning activities that have happened close to us in the past week. 
Last Tuesday at 3 in the afternoon my brother's in laws, who live in Riverstone, were robbed by 5 armed gun men. His father in law was working in the garage with the overhead door open. He went into the house for 10min to take a break.  His security camera showed a car reverse into the driveway and 5 armed men entered the house through the open garage. The home owner was in the basement and didn't even know he had been robbed. The men were in and out in 5 minutes!
Yesterday afternoon a man was working in his garage in Pinnacle Ridge. Three armed men drove up in a truck, jumped out and robbed him at gun point!
Please be very cautious about leaving your over head garage doors open. Serious

Thank you