24 September 2017

Removing of Election Signs,

Good Morning Everyone,

         I have received this message from one of my Zone Director and you need to read and be aware of what is happening out. This will cost some votes or No votes at all, if you see someone removing this signs Please call the RCMP and get a description as well, as this is illegal. This has to stop, we work together. Thank you

Hi Bonnie
Can you please forward to all members.
Good Evening All

I would just like to put a notice out regarding the Election,  I find it very disgusting that there are candidates out there removing other candidates election signs!  I have noticed driving around the county there are elections signs posted on public and even on private property one day and the next day they are missing, replaced with their own.    I know for a fact the candidates have not removed them, one of the opposition committee or themselves have removed the signs and replaced them with their own.  This shows a great disrespect for their fellow opponents.  I know of a sign removed on private property, so not only was the person creating an illegal act tampering with election signs,  they also are trespassing!  So please make sure you pay attention to whose signs are missing.  Do you really want to vote for the person who is replacing that sign with their own.  Would you want that councillor or mayor representing you on Sturgeon council? We are crime watch members, please watch for these incidents occurring.  These are adults running for these positions, but they are acting worse than children!!!

Thank you
Once again keep your eyes open and make sure you put your X beside someone with integrity!!