1 September 2017

Tour Of Alberta

Hi Bonnie, and Everyone
I am not sure if you are aware but the Tour of Alberta - Stage 2 Road Race will be passing through Sturgeon County on Saturday, September 2.  This portion of the race begins in Spruce Grove where they will make their way north on Hwy 777 and then turn east onto Hwy 642 proceeding through the communities of Sandy Beach and Alexander First Nation.  They will then turn south onto Hwy 44 where they will pass by Riviere Qui Barre and turn west on Hwy 633 passing by Villeneuve making their way back to the city of Spruce Grove.
Can you please fan this out to the residents of Sturgeon County so they are away and can expect delays during the afternoon.  It is estimated they should enter Sturgeon County at approximately 2:29 pm (estimated time of the fast racers) and leave Sturgeon County at approximately 3:57 pm (estimated time of slower racers).
I attached a map of the route they will travel in Sturgeon County, A link at the bottom of the page.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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