17 November 2017

Impersonation Sturgeon County, Please be aware and Report it

 Good Morning Everyone,
              My Apologies as I had started this email to inform you all to watch for and ask for ID, as company employees are to submit ID to verify they work with or for the company. I had noticed the post and sent an unfinished note to everyone, l am very sorry, no excuses.

              I had an employer from the Sturgeon County Office informed me that someone is impersonating as a Sturgeon County employee and the Truck this person was driving had the Sturgeon County Logo on it as well, now the information that the resident gave and complained as this driver drove over his sprinkler system along with some damage to his yard.

              The Sturgeon County employer looked into this, talked with the staff and found that no one had been in the area, now where this took place, l will look into and pass on to you all. My apologies everyone, and again l will find out more on this crime and others. Thank you for your patience as it means a lot

Thank you