5 July 2018

New Information on Thefts of Dogs

Good afternoon,

I ask that you provide the following update in relation to the below noted Rural Crime Watch release.

The Morinville RCMP believes there was a miscommunication when the original Rural Crime Watch release was disseminated regarding a missing dog.  Morinville RCMP has not found any connection between the reported missing dog and the white truck with the red topper that was seen in the area.

Further, Morinville RCMP has not received any reports of theft of dogs in Sturgeon County, no reports of persons checking properties without surveillance for dogs, nor any further reports about the suspicious white truck with the red topper.

Thank you,


During the month of June 2018. Morinville RCMP received several complaints regarding a white truck with a red topper traveling slowly on gravel road. The suspect targets dogs left without surveillance.

At this stage of the investigation, Police have not identified any suspects.

Please contact the Morinville RCMP, if you have any information about this incident.