31 October 2018

Boyle RCMP - Looking to return lost-found property

Boyle RCMP - Looking to return lost-found property
Boyle, Alberta – On October 14, 2018, Boyle RCMP recovered several items from a stolen truck that had been recovered and are looking to return the items to their owners. Please read through the following list of items:
  • "Atlas Tire desperado" Tire on a Steel Rim. LT285/75R16.
  • "Bridgestone M773II" Tire on a steel rim. LT265/75R16.
  • 2 Tree Stands
  • 2 Hunting Blinds - Camoflauge in colour.
  • Dodge Ram Key Fob
  • "Command Ops Browning" Trail Camera. Serial number 43100955101604.
  • 1 Rifle Cartridge. 300 win mag.
  • 1 Shotgun Shell. Winchester 12 gauge.
  • Steel chain.
  • Amber rotating vehicle light.
  • 4 metal tree stands. Black and red straps attached.
  • CHUB Burglar Alarm Security system (Model 4591) and transmitter (Model 4592).
  •  Ustart Car battery. Product number AX65-850. 850 Amps.
  • 4 red jerry cans.
  • Plastic bin with a wrench, lysol wipes, tape, gloves, straps, and assorted other items.
If you believe one or more of these items belong to you or someone else, contact Boyle RCMP at 780-689-4081 to arrange for it to be returned.