16 October 2018

Carol Okerman new Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Poster Contest director

Carol Okerman has taken on the position of Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Poster Contest director.
Here is part of the article from the Free Press that can be read in the PDF linked below.

“I have lived in Sturgeon County for over 43 years. My three children and most important my three grandchildren live here. I have been a member of Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association for as long as I can remember but never have I seen the need for this association more than in the past few years. We in the rural communities are seeing a shocking increase in the crime rate”
said Carol Okerman, SRCWA Poster Contest Director for 2019.
“I believe the SRCWA Poster Contest is a way to engage the youth in our community to get involved in crime prevention. As the age of our volunteers increase it is necessary for us to attract younger members and I believe the Poster Contest is a valuable tool for accomplishing this.”
“When I was younger I won a Poster Contest for the YMCA. I was so proud of what I had accomplished not realizing that while I was doing my poster I was learning. I learned about the mission of the YMCA and all the programs that where available to help families. Our poster contest is a way to educate children to be the “Eyes and Ears” of their community, to work in partnership with the local RCMP.”
“I decided to take over the position as Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Poster Contest Director because I don’t want to see this program end. The volunteers who started and maintained this program deserve to have it continued. Thanks to their hard work and our talented children, SRCWA has had multiple winners in the APRCWA Rural Crime Watch Poster Contest. This contest encompasses all of Alberta and the 1st place winning posters could be placed in the APRCWA calendar available to all members for distribution.”
Okerman hopes to engage the community more in the future with the annual Rural Crime Watch Poster Contest with some changes coming for the 2020 SRCWA Poster Contest.
“I would like to see the information poster and consent /release forms available at community events, trade shows, town hall meetings and other events Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association attend.”

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Free Press Article