24 March 2019

Hello Everyone,

Just a small note,

I would like to thank my boards members that participated with the Country Life Expo at the Morinville Culture Centre, yesterday March 23, which Sturgeon County Community Service put together.
It was  an amazing event, they had Guest Speakers with education input and Vendors that attended as well with homemade items, to knitting, jewelry, kids centre as well, plus more. The dinner which was Beef on a Bun with homemade coleslaw was very good, from the feedback we received, thank you for your input everyone.

I would also like to thank Sturgeon County Community Services as well for inviting us to participate and help with the meal.
We met alot of residents who came and chatted with us and laughed, it was a great day, plus we had many who signed up to be the extra eyes and ears of there area, as crime did not slow down, so, it was nice to here they are doing there part by Reporting It, thank you.

Plus, we have been posting our positions we have open and hope we would had interested someone to join us.

Secretary, Treasurer which our 2 board members have filled there term, so what we are looking for is you! 
Yes, it is a volunteer position but the fun we put into this association, engaging with our communities, residents, counsellors, and more, it is never a dull moment and that is what l like to see, be part of the community and grow, we are always looking for someone to be part of our group.
These positions are simple as we do not ask for much by attending one meeting a month, in the 10 month we have set as we take the summer off. These meetings last about 2 hours, we  always  invite our members and others to come join us have coffee and hope you will share your concerns, ideas or just a comment. 
We have our RCMP liaison, along with Sturgeon County Protective Service Officer and Sturgeon County Counsellor who give us there report and updates on the activity in and around Sturgeon, plus a question period as well. 

So, come out and join us, have a coffee and chat, we would love to hear from you, the next meeting is April 9 @ Provincial Building in Morinville for 7 pm

Thank you