30 August 2017

Boyle Detactment would like us to keep a look out

Fan out on behalf of RCMP Detachment: ( If you have any information on any crime or suspicious activity please report this to the nearest RCMP Detachment or Crime Stoppers)
Recently I have been dispatched to two separate calls involving property damage and theft.
The first file occurred on 2017/08/26 in the area of Alberta Pacific Pulp Mill:
Two garages were broken into and a hot water boiler was stolen. The only evidence we have is a broken rear mud flap which appears to be from a GMC SUV (model unknown), some tire tracks, and the back tinted window of said SUV is likely broken out.
The second file occurred on 2017/08/26, at the Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement:

A black Ford F-150, Alberta license plate BTD1980 has been seen going in and out of properties claiming to be looking for someone. This vehicle has been related to a break and enter on the Settlement as well.

Boyle RCMP Detachment
Boyle GRC D├ętachement
Box 58, 4901 Taylor Road
Boyle, AB T0A 0M0

PLEASE report anything that is supicious, and lets help our Neighbours too.