12 August 2017

Thank you

Hello Everyone,

               I would like to thank those who helped and volunteered with the Parades and events this Summer, l know the summer is not finished yet!, but would like to say that we enjoy seeing everyone out having fun and grabbing all the candy, and all the smiles too. Thank you everyone.

On a small note, 

      I would like to say to all our members, Non members to Please keep an eye in and around your community, report ANY suspicious activity, as we have had some wild activity with in Sturgeon County area. The RCMP will come out and make there presents, along with our Sturgeon Protective Services as well. We feel that being active in your community and getting to know your neighbours,plus take control of our community,  we work hard, we play hard, so lets build hard to keep our community safe.
   If need some help on how to build safe, send me an email sturgeonrcwa@gmail.com or would like to get together and chat over coffee or we can setup a meet for a large crowd in a hall and discuss more. I am open to any suggestions, ideas, issues, concerns that you all may have, if l cannot give you a answer, l will do my best to find the answers on your concerns, issues.

As a New President with SRCWA and being in this role a short period of time, l am learning as well but l love what l do. Working along with our RCMP and Sturgeon Protective Services Sheriff's and Sturgeon County Councillors, we are doing our best. Communication, working together plus making sure we have our information correct with all parties as we are not perfect but be accountable for our mistakes, being patient as well. I am sorry if l sound passionate in how l feel, we REALLY need to work together to make it harder for the criminals to take what is ours. So Please give me your thoughts, idea's, so we can go forward to the next step on building a safer community.

Thank you,
Bonny Swart-Attwood
SRCWA President