30 August 2017

Variety of Break Ins, Sturgeon County Area

  Break Ins, stolen Lawn Tractor in and around Sturgeon County, Break In Tuscany Hills area

Victim reported his 40'x60' shop situated on an 80 acre rural property in Sturgeon County was broken into. Man door was forced open. Nothing taken. No surveillance. No suspects.  Township road 570 and range road 232  CH 

Complainant reported the theft of his John Deere Diesel lawn tractor. Theft occurred sometime between 15:00 hrs and 19:00 hrs. Son was driving lawn tractor back home when tire went flat. Parked in ditch twp. 564 between 233 and 234. Tire removed for repair. Lawn mower stolen out of ditch. Value $5000-$10000. No serial numbers. Contacted Deerland in Fort Sask for S/N - stated no record. Nothng for CPIC. CH

2017-08-25  PROS file 20171140885
Com called to report that overnight sometime unknowns broke into house under construction in Tuscany Hills. Various small items & copper piping were stolen. No serial numbers on items. No surveillance. Com will be faxing a statement to Morinville Detachment  which can be added upon receipt.

The top 2 reports are from the Sturgeon Protective Services, but we ask to please keep your vehicles locked, always keep an eye on your neighbours, report ANY supicious activity, thank you