13 February 2018

Family Day, February 19th in Morinville

Good Morning Everyone,                                                                            February 13, 2018

               So with this Post we SRCWA  are doing something to change it up on our website to allow our members know about our Events or Events coming up, our meetings, which will give our members to come out and have the opportunity to volunteer at some of the Events, like the Candy Cane Check, Parades these are some of the activities we are involved in, so watch out the different boards as l feel will be a great part on recieving more news, information and we will continue our posts to inform you as always from the RCMP
      So now l would like to see more of YOU, to hear from you more as this will be a spot were you can share your ideas, comments, concerns and if you are able to join us at some of the events, l felt it was very important to be more engaged with our members and hope that with our members spread the news to your neighbours, so that being said, l am looking for 3 volunteers to help me on Family Day in Morinville, please let me know if you can help out, If this is not for you l get it and l understand too. Plus if you are driving around the county we are asking that you take picture with the area you were, we would use these pictures to post on our website and use as our back splash too. You need to send your pictures to the website and there we will post, thank you.

Also Wednesday February 28th Bon Accord will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting at Lillian Schick School at 7pm in the gym, l hope to see you all there to share your questions, concerns, we should have a great turnout. We need to show that we can be more of a deterrent towards the crime that have been going on and still active, so l hope that l can help in anyway, as most who know me and know how passionate l am to work hard on trying to have crime become less in our communities and beyond the county, but with your help too.

So Please let me know if you can or cannot attend or volunteer for the Family Day Event, l'd really appreicate on hearing back on your response.

Thank you,
Bonny Swart
SRCWA, President