14 March 2018

The AGM Meeting Report

       Good Morning Everyone,

                  I would like to thank the members who attended the AGM Meeting, it was to see our you and to our New members as well. The NAIT News Team were unable to attendour AGM meeting, as they had a assignment which left them short and could not fullfil our meeting. So we will invite them again, also to Sgt. Ken Ghumman from the Sherriff Dept thank you, it was a very interesting on the information of what your duties and roles as a Sherriff and having a staff of 700 members, l was impressed to hear of such a large staff, we enjoyed your presentation and the questions that followed.

              I would also like to thank my Board members for excellent report of their year with me as we had a busy year 2017 and 2018 is going be be even better. It was a full house, Cpl Clint Gulash and his partner was able to make the meeting and give us an update of crime, news within the detachment and Pilot projects happening with RCMP.

Our next meeting will be held in Calahoo, April 10 at 7pm we are changing up on our meeting to connect with members, and residents, so we are coming to you and hope you will join us as well, share your concerns, ideas, or comments, we like to hear it all. SO if you are able to attend this meeting please let me as l will enjoy seeing everyone.

Thank you
Bonny Swart
SRCWA, President