16 November 2015

SRCWA Message #201588

Subject: Email Subscription Update

Thanks for your patience with us as we transition to our new Email Out service. 

We have sent subscription invites to Zone 9, Zone 13 and Zone 16. Thank you in advance for your prompt response to our subscription request. With your subscription, SRCWA messages will be delivered in a timely and consistent manner.

We are working to invite the remaining zones as time permits.

In the meantime, please encourage members you know to subscribe and also please reach out to members on the PhoneTree and advise them of the new Email Out Service. The PhoneTree fanout system will eventually be phased out.

Talk with your friends and neighbours about how they can help make Sturgeon County as safer place to live by joining Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch.

Thank you for being a member of SRCWA.

Dan Antoniuk
Communications Director
Zone 9 Director

Please click on the link below to activate your subscription to SRCWA email messages.

Click on this line to subscribe >>>:  Subscribe to Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Message by Email

This message is made possible by the Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association in partnership with the Morinville RCMP.
If you have any information in respect to this incident or know of any crime or criminal activity, please call the Morinville RCMP at 780-939-4550 or Toll Free at 780-459-7689.  PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.  IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL 9-1-1.
Please visit the Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association's Website at ;  www.sturgeonruralcrimewatch.org for more information.