25 December 2017

My Thoughts of 2017 from SRCWA President

                                                                                                       December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone,

            WOW!!!! 2017 near the end, l cannot believe how fast it has come, accomplishing goals we applied and yet still continue to do great things for our communities. We had an awesome year with the Parades, events with Greet & Meet at the Schools, Meet the New Mayor, Town Hall Meetings due to crime.     
      When elected President l can tell you it was a slow start and doing my best to be a good leader with my group, members, the communities. I would like to say l continue to stay involved with the residents, how proud l am of my members, the communities and my group on the hard work we do to help one another on crime, keeping the communication open with our communities, l feel by working together makes us stronger and with what has been happening in the Sturgeon County area's on crime, as this has to stop but hope l have the help of everyone to continue to be a strong deterrent towards these crimes and we will not stop till our voices are heard.
      I will continue on my quest with sharing your ideas on crime, issues concerning on how to prevent it and bring them forward, meetings with PC Government on the action they may apply, have the opportunity to talk with the Top brass in the RCMP as l know we are not the only ones with these problems. I am very passionate in what l do and enjoy this position as l will continue to work with everyone be engaged with you, communities and government officials as well.
     So let's bring 2018 in with a BANG!!!!!!!, l know it will be a busy year with lots of fun as always. We are always looking for New members and welcoming you all to our meetings, where we can share idea's, plus we will change up our meeting to other area's to make it interesting  as well. I know we say it over and over but it does works, Report anything you see, hear, l understand the frustration on not hearing back, but the Morinville Detachment is working hard to answer the calls, and being short staffed, lets help them as this will be our goal to let the government know they need to step up and bring forward a plan to help put more officers on the front line. 
      I hope that you all had awesome Christmas but remember the New Year is around the corner and l would like you to be safe, No Drinking and Driving, get a friend to drive, grab a cab, or stay over night at a friends, it is not worth it anymore so let us bring in 2018 together. 
     Thank you all for being so supportive, being patient with me, and trusting that l can get the job done. I appreciate your kindness, conversations, friendships too, l feel that 2018 will be good to us and hope to see some new volunteers too.

     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!!!!

Bonny Swart
SRCWA, President