16 December 2017

A List of Target Areas, Sturgeon County

Good Morning Everyone,

     I have received this post from the RCMP as shown below, there have been an exceeding amount of Break & Enters in and around Sturgeon County, they have areas that are targets and asked that we be more deterrent to protect our properties.
     So we SRCWA and the RCMP would like to remind everyone, as we have tips at the bottom of the page here, to be aware, lock your vehicle, take photos of your property and keep a record of what you have in and around your property as well. I do understand the frustration but l assure you l am working hard to resolve this and l do need your help as well. Please do not hesitate to send me an email on any questions, ideas, etc.

Thank you,
Bonny Swart-Attwood
SRCWA, President

Morinville RCMP would like to advise the Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch members of a rash of break and enters that have occurred since the end of November to December 14th, 2017.
The following areas were targets of break and enters to residences, outbuildings, and commercial properties.
  • Township Road 554 and Range Road 251
  • Township Road 542 and Range Road 250
  • Township Road 554 and Range Road 251 x 2
  • Highway 651 and Range Road 253 
  • Township Road 553 and Range Road 241
  • Township Road 574 and Range Road 252
  • Alexander First Nations Townsite
  • Sunnydale Road
  • Township Road 552 and Range Road 261
  • Township Road 575 and Range Road 252
  • Township Road 550 and Range Road 254
Following are some crime prevention tips:
o    Lock up houses, sheds, vehicles and any other property that is easily accessible
o    Never leave running vehicles unlocked. Nearly half of the vehicle thefts in Alberta over the past year have had the keys left inside
o    Take photos and record serial numbers of property
o    If you see or suspect suspicious activity notify police immediately