7 December 2017

Lights On! Doors locked! Pass it On!

Hello Everyone,

        These 2 emails were sent for me to post so everyone is aware on what is happening in these subdivision areas, Northpointe and Skyglen, the concern resident wanted to let you all know to be vigilant of your surroundings, l ask that you report it, don't think  just do it. I can assure you it is filed when you call and will be investigated. I have your back, so do not hesitate to contact me as l am there to help you in anyway l can. Thank you to the concern resident as well, al so like the quote that is perfect.


Hi - I know how busy the RCMP are and you too but am forwarding this to you from someone in our subdivision - we had vandalism and break ins here that occurred on Mon morning (Dec 4)about 3 am and though I know we should always be vigilant the more warnings we have the more vigilant we become.  North Point is very close to our subdivision (Skyglen) so perhaps it would have helped us if it had been posted on Crime Watch.
Thanks for what you do,

In the gazette it was written that 4 properties were victims of the same type of crime in Northpointe on Nov 30th. They also stole a vehicle from there and were checking garages & such.

I also noticed a car that had driven through the ditch and up to the road by the rv storage down the road, that was Wed morning. The RCMP seemed very interested in it by day’s end.

I wish the police had let area residents know about the break ins in Northpointe, we would’ve been on alert and perhaps could’ve prevented being victims or maybe even caught them in the act.

Lights on! Doors locked! Pass it on!